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Sea lion Swim School is Dedicated
to Teaching Individuals to Swim Confidently and Safely

Learning Has No Bounds

Sea Lion Swim School with its rich, vibrantly painted murals, pristine pool, and relaxed surroundings is a fantastical place where your children, both young and old, can come to be taught the necessary skills and techniques they need to become strong and proficient swimmers. In this safe, exclusive and imaginative environment, emphasis is placed on effortless, streamlined swimming, and our swim students are known as “the Angels of the Sea.”

Safe Swimming 


Our state-of-the-art exhaust system and air dechlorination equipment allow us to maintain both air temperature and humidity at a desirable level for ultimate comfort, regardless of the weather going on outside. Our all-season indoor heated pool is equipped with an ultra-efficient filtration system that ensures pH and chemical balances are controlled at safe levels, to provide superior cleanliness and optimum water temperature in all. Our facilities come with disability access, an abundance of changing rooms, along with, ongoing cleaning and hygiene protocols to make this a safe, clean, and fun place to be.



Sea Lion swim classes start at 6 months and go all the way through the teenage years, with classes even available for young adults. Our trainers are certified and have excellent qualifications and credentials so that every student can receive high quality and effective instruction for their individual and specific needs, and enjoy a vital low impact, intense and fun workout while learning this all-important life skill. Located within Luka Sienna Plaza, a stone’s throw away from Highway 6 and the Fort Bend Tollway, and in immediate proximity to many valuable amenities, we have a forthcoming adjoining convenience store and adequate parking to provide a one stop shop for your entire family’s needs. Our doors are open from 10am to 8pm every day Monday to Saturday, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Watch The Waterbabies In Action!

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